Group of Companies

  1. The Xavier Group Of Companies comprises a group of affiliated and family owned businesses whose operations are based in Johannesburg South Africa . The Group is a 100 % BEE with 50 % women equity. The Xavier Group seeks to acquire one or more platform businesses in each target segment with the intention of achieving greater market penetration and coverage, and stronger management teams. In clustering these businesses produces rapid increases in operations and experience. The Xavier Group foresees the opportunity to incorporate additional local businesses into geographic operating clusters, thereby achieving further benefits and efficiencies as well as job creation.

    In driving Management Performance, The Xavier Group actively builds and incentivizes strong management teams, institutes rigorous business planning and control processes, participates actively in growth planning and operational improvement programs, and measures progress in each of its portfolio companies against high performance standards.
  2. Staffing
    The Xavier Group was founded in 2003 by Karl Fourie and Aliwiya P Jardine. The Group of Companies has today 30 core staff members.
Karl Fourie Managing Partner & Co-Founder Curriculum Vitae
Aliwiya P Jardine Managing Partner & Co-Founder  
  Group Accountant  
  Group Secretary  
  Group Administrative Manager  
  Group Strategic Advisor  
  Group Operational Manager  
  Group Business Analyst